I take this presidential election very seriously and very personally.

My children are immigrants and people of color. So is one of my grand-nephews. One of my nieces is Latina, and also my grand-niece. Among my cousins, through marriage and adoption, are black, mixed, Asian, and Latina/o people. There are people with physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions, including my son who has the same condition as the reporter whom Donald Trump publicly mocked. I don’t know of any Muslims, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I have LGBTQ relatives.

So I take the possibility of a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic president damn personally.

Hillary Clinton was not my first choice for Democratic nominee–Bernie Sanders was. But I saw no one in the Democratic or Republican field who was as unqualified as Donald Trump. I couldn’t imagine he would be a presidential nominee–and now he is. Hillary’s politics have much that I don’t like (mainly the same things I haven’t liked about Obama’s politics), but she is highly qualified to be president, and on many bases I agree with her viewpoints.

People matter to me. Even if none of Trump’s odious behavior and viewpoints touched me personally, I would still oppose him for his lack of qualification, for his reckless and ignorant approach to both domestic and world affairs, including nuclear weapons, as well as for his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic spewings. But the latter are directed at people I love, along with all the other people like them. I’ll bet that if you think carefully, you’ll find they are directed at someone you care about, too.