“Real women have curves.” “Traits of a real man.” “Transgender women/men aren’t real women/men.”  And so much more…

I hate the idea of a “real man” or a “real woman.” I have often enough in my life been considered not a “real woman” because I haven’t had some experience or been in some situation or had a feeling or opinion that the person is convinced every woman has–so if I haven’t, I don’t count.

To me, a person who self-identifies as a man is a man, and a person who self-identifies as a woman is a woman, and if someone doesn’t choose either of those, that’s OK too. Each one of them is as “real” as any other.  What counts is what kind of human being each one is. How do they use their unique gifts and talents? How do they accommodate their unique weak points? At the end of an average day, is someone else glad that they are who they are, they do what they do? At the end of their life, will they have done more good than harm? Their genital configuration doesn’t make them a “real” anything, nor does it define how they should live their life.