There’s the truth and there’s the law. There’s justice and there’s the law. There is no guarantee in our system that they will ever be the same thing. Any honest lawyer will tell you that.

Roland Abcarian wrote in an Orlando Sentinel article: “When all is said and done, the legal evidence was simply not there. There was apparently no way for prosecutors to prove what exactly happened because the only other person who could have contradicted Zimmerman’s story was dead. Even killers get the benefit of the doubt.”

Even killers get the benefit of the doubt. Zimmerman’s rights were protected by the legal system. It was not the task of the system, after the fact, to protect Trayvon Martin’s rights; his rights had already been violated in the most egregious way possible, and nothing the legal system could do would change that.

The only thing that will change that kind of violation of rights–the kind that winds up with the violated person dead–is a change in society, in culture. The law cannot change it. Only we can.