I’m tired of hypocrisy. I’m tired of religious people who say, “Deuteronomy says homosexuality is an abomination, but sure, I eat shrimp and mix my fibers.” I’m tired of right-wingers who say, “Get the government out of our lives, except in other peoples’ most personal and intimate relationships.” I’m tired of parents who think they’re teaching their kids by what they say, all the while their own actions do the opposite. I’m tired of people who claim to follow the Bible or the Constitution and know almost nothing about what it says, much less of the history of its time, or of anything written around the same time that might clarify it.

Believe anything you want. Follow any guidelines you want. But actually DO it. Know what the belief entails, know what the guidelines say, and then be consistent. If part of it makes no sense to you, or you just don’t like it, and you aren’t going to believe/follow that part, then don’t CLAIM to believe/follow the whole.

Be honest. Say, “I believe/follow what I want to and reject the rest.” Say, “I have one set of rules for you and a different set for myself.” Say, “I want the government to leave me alone but to make you do what I want.”

Have the guts to tell the truth at least about that.